Water well rehabilitation and the problems of certain methods.

Poor rehabilitation of water wells has shown to be extremely environmentally hazardous and very expensive.

well rehabilitation with electrolyzed water

As time goes on, we are constantly witnessing how important (and scarce) truly clean water is. A right which has now converted to a privilege, has become a vital goal for many communities of all kinds. Water wells are an international method of attempting to access such a privilege. Also known as boreholes, a water well is an excavation created by drilling into the ground in an attempt to obtain ground water located in underground aquifers. Pumps are often used to draw the water out above the ground. However, the increasing costs of drilling new holes has called for the introduction of water well rehabilitation, a method which has shown to be very dangerous when not done right.

Rehabilitation of water wells is a relatively new procedure aimed at ensuring a constant supply of potable water. Instead of creating new holes, the goal here is to restore the original capacity (yield) of a water well. When done properly, this restoration of wells maximizes flow of water from wells. Unfortunately, many of the methods used today are inappropriate, and for various reasons. The many important disadvantages of inappropriate water well rehabilitation spawn from the fact that many of the methods are based on the use of toxic chemicals. Attempting to rehabilitate a water well this way creates a lot of noteworthy problems.

To begin, the equipment and chemicals needed are of high cost and are very heavy to transport with obvious health risks compounded, requiring the need of training and safety procedures to implement. Not only that but these methods have shown to be ineffective in removing biofilm, with bio slime also growing back soon after. Additionally, there is an extensive period after rehabilitation where chemicals need to be removed (in many cases they have already intoxicated the aqua-sphere) and safely disposed of, creating environmental concerns.

Thankfully, water wells don’t need to be rehabilitated this way. With Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) for the treatment of Water Wells, well performance has been enhanced exponentially.  With ECA, no longer are there concerns of eco-safety. Our methods are simple, safe and smart, at affordable cost.

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