Benefits of ECA

ECA solutions comprise of salt, water and electricity and are safe for contact with humans.
ECA solutions are highly effective in destroying bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and yeasts and molds.
With conventional chemical sanitation, many micro-organisms develop a tolerance or resistance to conventional chemicals as a result of continuous exposure.

Electro-chemically Activated Water (ECA), has a unique mechanism of biocidal action which is distinct from that of chemicals. It has been repeatedly shown that micro-organisms cannot build up a tolerance to ECA technology.

lower costtimeAverage CIP (Cleaning in Place) times may reduce by up to 70% due to the shorter contact time required for effective cleaning and disinfecting.
lower costRadical Waters ECA solutions are applied at ambient temperatures with substantial energy savings over conventional chemicals.
leafwaterworldlower costtimeUp to 60% reduction in water costs due to shorter cleaning and disinfection cycles required. As well as the ability to reclaim CIP solutions for reuse. The two ECA solutions are compatible so rinsing between and after applications is no longer needed.
leaflower costUp to 90% chemical cost reduction by substituting conventional chemicals with the natural ECA solutions.
worldlower costThe ECA solutions are reclaimable and can be re-used several times before discarding into the drainage system with no effect on the downstream effluent environment.
lower costtimeThe ECA products extend the shelf life of fresh produce (including meat, fish and value-added products) and can integrate as an ingredient in sauces/ condiments.
lower costThere are no significant transport or storage costs.
ticktimeECA Hygiene Management Devices are installed on-site and solutions are stored in buffer tanks which are available on demand.
tickleafAnolyte and Catholyte, used on their own or combined are effective in removing and controlling biofilm on all liquid contact surfaces.
tickECA does not affect taste, color and appearance of the food products.
tickECA assists in compliance of critical micro standards of products with no preservatives or pasteurization.
leafworldBroad adoption results in the substantial reduction of toxic effluent.
tickThe ECA solutions are safe for unrestricted use by plant personnel, as well as in food and beverage products within all manufacturing and packaging plants.