Radical Waters simple, safe and smart water well rehabilitation solution.

How treatment using ECA maximizes flow of water from wells and mitigates negative factors, ensuring maximum quality for use.

smart water well rehabilitation solution

In order to maintain an adequate supply of potable water, certain techniques have been created. One of these being water well (borehole) rehabilitation, aimed at restoring well capacity (yield) rather than drilling new holes at a high cost. Alongside this advancement has also come poor and dangerous attempts. These attempts are now no longer needed as Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) solution is revolutionizing water well treatment.

Instead of utilizing toxic chemicals, Radical Waters has triumphantly developed and introduced a simple, safe and smart water well rehabilitation solution. Employing a straightforward technology that is far more cost effective than other methods. Our method of water well rehabilitation makes use of an electrolytic process where the anionic portion of the neutral pH solution, is employed as a biocide and biofilm removing agent. The solutions are made on site, using well water itself. The well water is also the scrubbing agent, allowing for a cleaner well post-treatment. Not only is this system non-hazardous, but it is also safe for staff to handle and is environmentally friendly. Past cases of water wells rehabilitated by Radicals Waters ECA have shown a huge yield improvement. Yields of wells tested have increased by 30 and 300%, alongside a specific capacity improvement between 40 and 400%. Source.

The high cost of drilling new water wells has meant that continuing to use current wells is vital and important. The fact is that other methods of water well rehabilitation just don’t cut it. They are very expensive to implement and operate, and do major harm to the environment. Radical Waters ECA treatment, provides people with the piece of mind that the water they drink, and use is completely safe.

Make the smart choice today, use ECA.