The seafood spoilage dilemma, and how poorly treated water brings forth contamination.

How badly processed seafood results in major food safety concerns and the growth of micro-organisms.

food safety is easy with electrolyzed water

As with any food industry, the goal is always to deliver to absolute best product available to your customer. The unfortunate fact is that certain aspects of companies are often neglected in order to cut costs or just general negligence. This carelessness happens far too often in the food industry, especially in food & meat processing. To get even more specific we can look at seafood processing and how food safety including spoilage is a rampant dilemma that needs to be addressed.

Within the specific food industry of seafood, there is a common problem revolving around spoilage and micro-organism growth. Although there are always other factors at play, a big reason for this is how the seafood is processed. What happens is, often times fish are transported from processing area to processing area in sea water. The medium of sea water for processing fish causes huge risks as this water is often reused and as such becomes a breeding ground for micro-organisms. As this water is continuously used in processing, it becomes progressively soiled. The soiled nature of the sea water then means that micro-organisms can flourish. These organisms very often will contaminate the fish, making it spoiled and not fit for human consumption. We cannot allow for such negligence to continue and we need a solution. The question then is how do prevent all this from happening?

With Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation), these concerns are a thing of the past. Our ECA solutions have completely changed the food industry, giving processing locations no excuse for fish spoilage any longer. Eradication and control of all pathogenic organisms gives both companies and consumers complete piece of mind when it comes to seafood and food in general.

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