Radical Waters ECA effectively prevents seafood spoilage and contamination.

How Radical Waters ECA solution eliminates and controls all pathogenic organisms, prioritizing food safety.

natural food safety solutions with electrolyzed water

In the past there have been major concerns with regards to seafood processing and poor attempts at it. Unfortunately, many companies have used untreated sea water several times over to transport fish from processing location to processing location. We spoke recently about this negligent behavior in our article entitled The Seafood spoilage dilemma, and how poorly treated water brings forth contamination. With Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Anolyte solution, seafood companies have no excuse but to offer optimal food safety standards.

What Radical Waters ECA-Anolyte does is treat the process sea water, making it cleaner and safe to use. Once treated the sea water becomes completely decontaminated and all pathogenic organisms within it are eliminated and controlled. These organisms that are combated include Staphylococcus Aureus and E.coli (0157). This revolutionary water treatment process also makes a massive reduction in the risk of further cross contamination by getting rid of the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage. Although this treated seawater massively improves the shelf life of seafood on its own, additional contributions of ECA-Anolyte into flaking and packing ice has yielded even greater results for export. Beyond the benefits mentioned, Radical Waters solution also controls environmental odor and reduces the total Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN) on aged fish.

What all this proves is that Radical Water ECA-Anolyte solution is a must have for the seafood processing industry. Not only is overall food safety effected positively but the shelf life of the fish is improved as well. Companies and consumers are now offered an opportunity to be given complete piece of mind. Contamination is not a worry at all when Radical Waters is involved.

Use ECA for a cleaner tomorrow.