The beverage industry and how traditional chemical CIP cleaning methods create unwanted complications.

How the ever-growing beverage industry often wastes water, time and money with poor cleaning procedures.

Learn about the beverage industry and how traditional chemical CIP cleaning methods create unwanted complications.

The beverage industry is one of the most continuously thriving and growing sectors in the world. This statement is backed up by statistics such as the US package water market earning a revenue of $49,263.5 million in 2015 and the US energy drink market garnering $25 billion in 2016 sales. Source. While these subsections are highly successful, they pale in comparison to the alcoholic beverage sector.

The alcoholic beverages market is expected to grow to $45.4 billion per annum by 2019. Compound this with how the craft beer field is skyrocketing and we have a booming portion of the ever-growing beverage industry. Source. Such a sector must undergo stringent cleaning procedures during manufacturing. It is unfortunate then that many beverage companies follow an inadequate process.

For many years the standard for cleaning and sanitizing after bottling in beverage manufacturing has been a traditional chemical CIP (Cleaning In Place) technique. This method is clearly the poorer choice when we look at how it hurts the operation of any company. Steps made with regards to traditional chemical CIP create massive complications and costs. Multiple water rinses and applications of a caustic detergent mean a need for a large amount of time, water and energy. In order to run smoothly and efficiently, a company must reduce these factors by as much as possible. Unfortunately for a long time, beverage manufacturers were forced to use insufficient formulas such as the one just discussed because there was no high-quality alternative. Radical Waters has provided the alternative needed and has revolutionized the industry completely.

Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) solutions in CIP applications makes things faster and more effective; saving companies time, water, chemicals and energy. Reducing the cleaning process to just 4 steps (from 5), Radical Waters ECA method optimizes the cleaning of any beverage manufacturing plant giving operators and consumers total piece of mind.

Make the smart choice today, use ECA.