Radical Waters has revolutionized the beverage industry, saving companies water, time and money.

Our ECA cleaning solution for the beverage industry has proven to be far safer and cost effective than traditional chemical methods. Be smarter, use ECA.

Our ECA cleaning solution for beverage industry CIP

For far too long the standard for CIP (Cleaning In Place) in the beverage industry has been the use of traditional chemicals. Previously we spoke about how this is evidently the poorer CIP (Cleaning In Place) method for manufacturers in the sector. This method has proven to waste companies time, water and energy because of its use of a caustic detergent and need for multiple rinses. These concerns no longer need to be a factor as Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) has revolutionized the entire sector.

With their simplified 4 step process, Radical Waters ECA in CIP applications speeds up the cleaning process for beverage manufacturers. Our ECA solution greatly reduces or completely eliminates costly and harmful chemicals, cutting a company’s costs hugely while also being risk-free. Building on that, ECA saves on energy as chemicals no longer need to be heated. Total microbial decontamination and elimination of pesticide contaminates is achieved, meaning it gets the job done better than ever before. Statements like these are backed up when we note the application of Radical Waters ECA technology in one of the world’s leading brewery plants. Once used the following cost savings were made –

  • Water savings of 83%
  • Time reduction of 43%
  • Energy savings due to cleaning at ambient temperature of 98%
  • Chemical cost savings of 99%.

It is clear than that Radical Waters ECA in CIP solutions is a must have for any manufacturer within the beverage industry. Not only are reductions made in multiple vital areas but operations become notably safer and better for the end consumer. There truly is no longer a need for outdated chemical CIP methods now that ECA has arrived.

Save more today, use ECA