Antiquated water systems and how they put hotels and their guests at risk.

How the huge hospitality sector of South Africa is constantly plagued by health hazards caused by old water systems.

water systems and eca technology

Over the last couple of years, South Africa’s hospitality industry has grown immensely. Even with the weakened Rand, this industry has benefited greatly from an influx of foreign visitors as well as rising room rates. It has been projected that by 2019, 5-star hotels are expected to reach an occupancy of 80%. With hotels and other hospitality locations doing so well, it would be expected that these places all use the latest water systems. The unfortunate truth is that this is not the case.

To this day, there is still many places of hospitality that use archaic water systems. This negligence causes a variety of hazards for both the locations and their guests. These outdated processes were designed in an era where there was limited concern for risks to public health. These dangers are caused by flaws that include poor temperature control, cross connections with independent water systems and overall poor management; just to name a few. The hazards that come from all this, are extremely dangerous. In many cases hotels and other hospitality places experience contamination of various kinds. Faecal contamination and the spreading of pathogens such as legionella is fairly common in hotels using outdated water systems.

The cold truth is that there are many people running hospitality environments that threaten guests health all the time. Allowing these old water systems to still be used is an act of outright irresponsibility. It is perhaps most careless now that Radical Waters has introduced the safe and easy alternative.

With Radical Waters ECA, hotels are allowed piece of mind through the clean processes that it conducts. No longer do hotels have to operate with the concern that the water they provide is contaminated. When applied on a continual basis, the ECA Anolyte not only removes micro-organisms, but completely eradicates the risk of reinfection.

Stay cleaner today, use ECA