ECA solutions and how they effectively prioritize hotel water safety.

Radical Waters Electro-Chemical Activation solution creates a safer hospitality environment, giving guests piece of mind.

hotel water safety solutions using eca technology

For far too long the hospitality industry has been afflicted by archaic water systems. We spoke recently about this dilemma and how places like hotels are creating a hazardous environment because of the water they supply. The spreading of pathogens and faecal matter are just two of the dangers that arise through the use of outdated water systems. However, these no longer need to be concerns as Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Anolyte solutions have thoroughly revolutionized the hospitality industry.

Once installed the ECA generators produce Anolyte that goes straight to work in order to disinfect the water that flows to hospitality guests. ECA destabilizes and elevates the electrical charge of the water and creates an environment in which microbes can’t survive. This eliminates the concern of diseases such as Legionella and others from spawning. Instead of using hazardous chemicals like certain hotel water systems do, our solution uses a natural disinfectant which allows for a safer output once the process is complete. Outdated processes used to claim that they would eradicate micro-organisms even though it has been proven that they would grow back soon after. ECA combats this concern thoroughly as its unique mechanism of biocidal action destroys micro-organisms with no threat of them coming back. Hotels do not have installation worries either as there are no significant transport or storage costs. Furthermore, our products are completely Green, meaning hotel managers are able to boast that their water systems are 100% natural and efficient.

In the year 2018, locations of hospitality have no excuse for being negligent with their water systems. The countless studies and research that have gone into the hazards of still using decades old systems show us first hand that there is a need for cutting edge technology in this regard. Radical Waters has provided such a technology, giving hotel owners total piece of mind.

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