Something in the water: The hazards and risks of chemical water treatment.

Treatment of water via chemicals has shown to be extremely dangerous, with links made to an increased chance of cancer.

The hazards and risks of chemical water treatment

The most vital part of human life: water is the fuel that keeps us going. Consuming it being the primary method of use, we also need it for a variety of other things. The ongoing water crisis in Cape Town highlights just how vital it is in everyday life. Residents of the city are clinging to the little water they have left in order to make the most of it as the drought continues. Such importance means that there needs to be a certain level of quality. It is unfortunate then when we realize that treatment of water often uses a chemical process, which is frequently very dangerous.

The water used in the very building you are currently in, needs to be treated before it is sent through the system. As mentioned, this treatment has previously been most commonly done using chemicals. Chemicals such as Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide are just two which have been widely used in treating water. These are primarily aimed at eradicating micro-organisms and harmful pathogens. While it is true that they are sometimes successful in removing these organisms, the risks clearly outweigh the advantages. Studies have shown the dangers of chemical water treatment include dried skin, eye irritation and damage to mucous membranes.

Unfortunately the hazards do not stop there as this treatment has been linked to an increased probability of cancer, anemia, and liver problems; caused by chemical disinfecting by-products created in the process of disinfection. Therefore, the indicated issues need to be addressed and an alternative water treatment solution needs to become commonplace. Radical Waters offers such a solution.

Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Anolyte generators replace traditional chemicals used in water treatment and only needs salt, water and electricity. Our goal is to completely transform the water treatment industry and provide a safe alternative that mitigates the risks previously mentioned. We want to create cleaner tomorrow for you and your children, with ECA we can do just that.

Be safer with ECA.