The immune system of a building and how water treatment with ECA effectively removes invading bacteria.

ECA Anolyte generators treat water safely and cleanly, removing the need for chemical treatment methods.

Anolyte generators treat water safely and cleanly

‘High quality’ is a phrase that should be synonymous with water no matter the location. It should be a given that people can trust the water they drink and/or use. The sad truth is this is not the case, and many places still treat water using harmful chemicals. We spoke recently about these concerns and how this treatment has been linked to health hazards such as cancer. In order to combat the dire consequences of these archaic methods there needs to be an alternative water treatment method. Radical Waters offers this alternative with their ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Anolyte generators.

The vital questions then are, “what is ECA?” and “how do these generators work?”. Answering these questions are easy when we break it down into a simple analogy. Like the human immune system in your body, when under attack by invading bacteria, ECA responds in a similar way the body does with white blood cells and eradicates the problem. Using just water, salt and electricity; our Anolyte generators produce a potent albeit natural disinfectant. In other words, the generator destabilizes and elevates the electrical charge of the Anolyte, creating an environment where the aforementioned bacteria cannot survive. Furthermore, the energy difference between ECA Anolyte (+900) water and tap water (+200mV) will kill up to 1 million E.coli in just 30 seconds.

What makes our generators the ideal product for water treatment is not only its method of treatment but also the benefits and savings that come with it. ECA solutions has shown to create a savings of 60% when it comes to water costs and 90% when it comes to chemical costs when used in CIP applications. Beyond this, our ECA solutions are completely green and non-toxic which reduces the environmental impact greatly.

This process has been in development for over 40 years, constantly being refined and improved until it reached the optimum product we have today. By using Anolyte generators, water treatment has become safer and cleaner, giving consumers total piece of mind.

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