Food processing and the necessity of sanitary water.

Water in food processing facilities needs to be of the highest standard in order to avoid disease and other complications.

food processing

Water and food go hand in hand. Not only is food the next most vital element to any human being, but it also is greatly affected by water in the production stages. The food processing industry  is one of the largest in the world and strives to make sure that fresh ingredients are converted to the finished product. When done right, processing helps food look and taste at an optimal level while also allowing for a consistent shelf life. When done wrong, these aspects are often affected in extremely negative ways. Ways that are often caused by poor quality of water.

Water is used for a variety of purposes in food processing. It is in many cases in direct contact with food and or food contact surfaces. As such the quality of the water used must be of the highest standard otherwise there is a risk of food contamination and the spawning of disease. When treated using outdated and ineffective methods, the condition of water is reduced greatly. In these cases of negligence, micro-organisms develop and foster in the liquid. These which exist in poor standard water include bacteria, viruses, helminths and protozoa. Such pathogens are often transferred into the water unknowingly but some such as Legionella are born in water.

All of these intruders can make water extremely hazardous, especially when we look at its importance to food processing. A food product processed with contaminated water runs the high risk of polluting the food, which can cause massive issues. One just needs to look at the recent Listeriosis outbreak as an example of how bad things can go in food processing. As such, we need to make sure that the water used in food processing is of the best possible microbial quality. With Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) this is a guarantee.

Anolyte produced from our ECA generators make sure that there is no risk of food disease and efficiently eradicate spoilage micro-organisms. With our Anolyte solution, customers are given total piece of mind as they are completely able to trust food processing facilities treating water the right way.

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