How Radical Waters ECA solutions have excellently improved the food processing industry.

How the food processing industry including Starch, meat and other facilities are keeping their food safer and cleaner than ever before.

food processing industry

As we spoke about recently, the food processing industry is one that is integral to all humans on this planet. As consumers, we need to be able to trust that food companies are delivering us products that are completely safe to eat. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not the case when poorly treated water is used in contact with food or food contact surfaces. As such, high quality of microbial safe water must be a top priority in the sector. With Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) generators, this is a guarantee.

When implemented, our ECA solutions have proven to be extremely vital in keeping the food processing industry clean and sanitized. The ECA Anolyte solution has exhibited up to a 5 log reduction in microbial counts. Not only are spoilage micro-organisms eradicated and food disease prevented, but working surfaces are disinfected and general food-safety compliance is adhered to.

Looking specifically at starch processing we can see that our solutions have major benefits for starch processors. These include integration for real time Sanitation-In-Place (SIP), improved assurance of pharmaceutical grade starch production and reduced plant down-time with extended production time. Starch manufacturing in particular is an extremely intensive and complicated procedure. In order to be operating at an optimal level, there needs to be as few microbial contamination as possible. With Radical Waters ECA solutions, managers of these facilities are offered piece of mind as they are allowed the assurance that they are doing everything in their power to keep their food safe. Exposure to microbial contamination is avoided and a focus can be made on other aspects of the starch products.

Radical Waters ECA solutions improve almost all aspects of food processing plants. Not only are consumers ensured safety, but the producers save costs and time with this state of the art technology. There is no longer any excuse to be negligent, now that a superior solution is easily available.

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