Beverage safety: The costs of using poor quality water.

Beverage safety concerns and how beverage processing via outdated means is completely ineffective.

beverage safety

There is a global thirst for beverages and because of this, the beverage industry is bigger than ever. Consumers are after a variety of products including soft drinks, beer and wine just to name three. With such a demand there needs to be an effective method of production. Water is without a doubt, the most important part of said production. It is unfortunate then when we realize that in many facilities, the source water is treated with extremely ineffective means. In fact, these outdated methods go against the common promise of beverage safety

For a long time, the typical method for processing this water was to filter it repeatedly before use. Furthermore, these processes involved chemicals that not only were ineffective at cleaning the water, but also went against the modern environmentally friendly school of thought. Beverage safety was diminished as the subsequent water quality and microbial count within it, was not overwhelmingly positive. Beyond just the quality of the water, the production involved processes such as lengthier CIP cycles and an unnecessarily large amount of water used in the processing. Beverage processing plants were given not much choice as this was the essentially the only way to treat the water that they used. However, these concerns are all in the past now that Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation solutions) have revolutionized the industry.

Installation of our Anolyte generators allows for beverage processing plants to be safer than ever as the water they use will be treated cleanly and effectively. The beverage safety priority is back on top with our optimal water disinfection and CIP solutions. Not only does using ECA give companies shorter CIP down time but water usage is reduced by up to 60%. With the ongoing water crisis continuing, ECA makes the world of difference.

Keep your beverages cleaner today, use ECA.