ECA solutions save beverage production companies time and money.

How our ECA generators have revolutionized the beverage production landscape.

beverage production

In order to give consumers total satisfaction and piece of mind, beverage production need to follow an effective method that not only ensures beverage quality but also saves companies time and money. With water being the most important element of production, it is then clear that this is an area worth focusing on. The truth is that the outdated Traditional treatment of water in production is extremely costly and unsuccessful. The landscape has changed however, and it is proven that the Installation of a Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) generator makes hugely positive impressions.

To begin, beverage production plants have made huge savings when implementing our solutions. Not only are chemical costs decreased by 90% but water overall has shown to have a saving of 60%. Furthermore, production time and overall efficiency is allowed an increase because of the shorter CIP’s, offering a time saving of 70%. These statistics are backed up by a variety of studies involving our solutions before and after they are implemented. These improvements are supported alongside the fact that companies can now confidently exhibit an environmentally friendly status as the production of toxic effluent is diminished substantially.

Producers aren’t the only people benefiting, as our solutions offer consumers the knowledge that products processed with ECA are completely safe. Additionally, these products do not lose their taste, color and appearance at all. This is indeed very important when you consider how important the flavor is with regards to certain beverages.

It is clear that Radical Waters generators are must have for any beverage production facility. There is no longer any reason to be negligent with regards to the water used. The most important part of the processing phase is now given every opportunity to be absolutely bacteria free and perfect to use.

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