Disease prevention in hotels successfully done using ECA

Implementing Radical Waters Anolyte generators completely revolutionizes a buildings water system and minimizes the risk of infection. Minimize risks today, use ECA.

Disease prevention

We live in an age where many hotels continue to use antiquated and outdated water systems despite the overwhelming risk that comes with it. Radical Waters has spoken previously about the massive hazards regarding bacteria such as Legionella and the potential for an outbreak of disease in hotels and hospitality locations.

The unfortunate fact is that many hospitality buildings do not alter their water processes, until it is too late. Once a water system becomes infected there is a high risk for not only financial cost but also the cost of human suffering. Every year hotels and hospitality locations throughout the world are forced to close because of this problem even though there is a simple solution. That solution being the implementation of a Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Anolyte generators to the buildings water system to allow for bacteria prevention and Disease prevention.

To prove this, we can look at the case of a Yacht Club in Newport Belgium. The clubhouse has 40 shower rooms for women and 40 for men. Sadly in 2004, 2 men died as they were infected by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila. This infection was acquired by visiting the club and using their water facilities. Because of this, authorities threatened to close the club if the owner did not provide an effective change in their water treatment process. From there the yacht club made the smart action of beginning to treat their water with anolyte. Samples taken before and after treatment show us the overwhelming difference. Before the use of Anolyte, the results were positive with the Legionella. Ever since Anolyte use, the results have been negative.

Hotels and hospitality locations are constantly revolutionizing their business by using ECA in their water treatment process for disease prevention. Installing ECA Anolyte generators means that a building is doing absolutely everything they can in combating bacteria infection. Our solution prevents bacteria such as Legionella from growing and spreading, stopping disease outbreaks before they even begin.