Prevent Listeriosis and other disease-causing Bacteria with ECA.

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Listeriosis Outbreak

Ripped straight from the news headlines, Listeriosis is a disease exposing people to deadly risks across the country.  The South African Health department has recently confirmed a major Listeriosis  outbreak. From the beginning of January to the end of November, 557 laboratory-confirmed cases have been reported. 82 percent of these cases coming from the Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng. Of these 557 cases, 36 have now been confirmed dead with more expected in the coming months.  Source

The question then is, what is Listeriosis? Listeriosis is an extremely serious disease caused by bacteria. More specifically the bacterium, Listeria monocytogenes. This bacterium is mostly found in vegetation, soil and water, and is able to contaminate a variety of foods. This deadly outbreak can affect anyone, as the source is presumed to be a food product that is widely distributed. Although the disease is claiming lives, it is treatable and preventable. In order to avoid it, experts are promoting cleaner environments for food processing and storage. They have advised that farms, retail outlets, food preparation at home and food processing plants are at highest risk of being an original source of the disease. Keeping areas such as these clean is the main goal in combating the illness.

Radical Waters wants to help destroy and control Listeriosis through the use of their ECA (ElectroChemical Activation) solution. Facilities that have been treated by ECA in the past have shown exceedingly positive results with regards to reducing the instances of disease causing pathogens. Environments treated by ElectroChemical Activation solutions are safer.  The ECA Anolyte is 99.9% effective against human pathogens including the deadly Listeria monocytogenes.  

It is of our joint responsibility to keep things clean and risk-free for our fellow citizens. Let’s stop Listeriosis from spreading further and prevent other nation crippling virus outbreaks.

Stay clean, use ECA.