ECA for CIP provides beverage companies with huge chemical cost savings as well as an increase in production.

Using ECA significantly reduces water and energy usage while also saving up to 90% in chemical costs.

chemical cost savings

Radical Waters ECA (Electro-Chemically Activated Water) for use during CIP has proven to be completely effective in maintaining a beverages taste, colour and appearance during production. Companies are continually being satisfied with their product quality through the use of ECA in the CIP process. However, retention of product excellence is just one benefit as companies are also seeing a huge increase in cost savings and rate of production. This is due to an increase in production which means that companies can operate at a higher level without the panic that ineffective CIP systems would generate.

This increase in production time and overall operating efficiency is due to the shorter CIP (Cleaning In Place) times and reduced downtime that Electro-Chemical Activation offers. Results have shown up to 70% in time saving, 70% in water usage reduction and up to 90% in savings of chemical costs. These savings are reached by substituting conventional chemicals with the natural ECA solution as well as the fact that all ECA CIP’s are performed at ambient temperature, saving energy overall. These statistics were backed up in a study conducted at an undisclosed beverage bottling plant of a reputable company in Polokwane South Africa, where Radical Waters currently has one of its ECA hygiene generators. This installation converted their previous 5 step chemical CIP to a 4 step Radical Waters CIP. Source.

Results of the study showed huge savings and a massive return on investment for the beverage company. Their previous chemical CIP was seen to lose 41000 litres of water within production, compared with only 7000 litres lost upon conversion to ECA. This exhibited that Radical Waters ECA had resulted in 70% of water savings. With the regards to time, the results also showed that the ECA  CIP took 27 minutes to complete. This is a tremendous saving when we compare it to the chemical CIP that took 90 minutes. Finally, the research done at the beverage facility showed significant energy savings due to ECA’s use of ambient temperature with no heat applied during CIP.

It is abundantly clear that using Radical Waters ECA not only helps the environment through its energy savings, but also massively cuts down on production time and chemical costs. These savings allow beverage companies to run smoother and more effectively, permitting them to provide their customers with the best product quicker and at a cheaper production price. Using chemical CIP systems would clearly be an enormous mistake as it would mean spending money that could be saved through using Radical Waters ECA solutions.

Save more today, use ECA.