ECA has none of the negative effects that other CIP systems have.

ECA is natural and pure, ensuring maximum retention of taste, colour and appearance.

beverage treatment effects

Producing high quality products is key to a large industry such as beverage production. In this industry, hygiene is a vital component, therefore maintaining a field leading standard is indispensable. Conversely to other CIP methods, the beverage treatment effects of Radical Waters ECA (Electro Chemically Activated Water) in CIP does not affect taste, colour and appearance of post CIP products. ECA is also highly effective in controlling microorganisms in process lines to ensure a safe end product. This quality was proven in a study conducted at an undisclosed beverage bottling plant of a reputable company in Polokwane South Africa, where Radical Waters had previously installed one of its ECA hygiene generators. This installation converted their previous 5 step chemical CIP (Cleaning In Place) to a 3 step Radical Waters CIP. Source.

The results showed that Radical Waters ECA dilutes brine based disinfectant successfully removed microbiological line contaminants while also proving that ECA was able to clean biofilm covering the inner layer. This ECA treatment did not alter the colour, taste or appearance of any product produced during the trial. The highly regarded beverage was not transformed in any way and the company was able to continue its operations with ECA CIP as a principal part of its enterprise. Maintenance of the key elements to the product alongside its many other benefits provides us with evidence that Electro-Chemically Activated Water is a must-have for any beverage company.

We can use the example of brewing companies to further illustrate this point. Many of them rely on the strong hoppy flavours, aroma and golden presence of their beer. With ECA’s demonstrated track record, losing a beverages foundation is not a concern at all. Typical treatment of beverage processing involves chemical CIP in combination with heat which at times fails to remove certain sources of microbial contamination. This oversight often results in product contamination and spoilage. Companies need not worry about this when using Radical Waters CIP, as it targets all microorganisms and biofilms and removes them.

Through its continued use, Radical Waters ECA solutions in CIP applications within Beverage plants has allowed for complete ease of manufacture and no recognised change to the products. Gone are the days of companies having to be troubled by their antiquated CIP systems and methods, the future is now.

Radical Waters ECA is the proven beverage solution.