Food safety for your customers

Customers trust us to provide safe, clean and germ free environments for the food they buy. 

food safety

The responsibility of food safety lies with you …

Many think the 6 rules of food safety are simple: (1) keep clean, (2) separate raw and cooked, (3) cook thoroughly, (4) store food at safe temperatures, (5) use clean water and (6) don’t re-freeze.

However, contamination can STILL occur at any point during food processing, due to resistant bacteria and re-contamination by food handlers.

Here’s how our safe ECA generators can combat food contamination and ensure food safety in your establishment:

  • Meats effected directly by ECA are fresher for longer and reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases. ECA extends the shelf life of fresh produce and can integrate as an ingredient in sauces/ condiments.
  • ECA assists in compliance of critical micro standards of products with no preservatives or pasteurization.
  • The ECA solutions are safe for unrestricted use by plant personnel, as well as in food and beverage products within all manufacturing and packaging plants.
  • Organoleptic benefit – our ECA treatment does not affect sensory properties of a food product, involving taste, colour, odour and texture.
  • Aside from effective control of common food spoilage organisms the ECA Anolyte is equally effective against 99,9% of dangerous human pathogens that include but are not limited to: Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp and E. coli 0157. Further studies on Bacillus spores, Clostridia, Vibrio cholera and Hepatitis viruses etc. have achieved equivalent results.
  • Biofilms are no more! Universally recognized as the primary source of process recontamination, by using continuous dosing, ECA’s micro-electrical charge removes established biofilm and prevents regrowth. Anolyte and Catholyte, produced by our generators on their own or combined are effective in removing and controlling biofilm on all contact surfaces and food prep workspaces.
  • ECA can be applied during food production and as such guarantees safe, continuous disinfection of the process and product.
  • Our N.O.W or Neutral Oxidant Water can be used instead of chemical disinfection and cleaning – with even better results.
  • Average CIP (Cleaning in Place) times may reduce by up to 70% due to the shorter contact time required for effective cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Our N.O.W Compact generator is perfect for smaller volumes of ECA – specific to core market segments and application areas within the Food industry.
  • The N.O.W ECA product range can be supplied with Low salt options – to ensure lower residual chlorides in the final solutions.
  • Our single stream devices are available in either Anolyte only or Catholyte only ECA Generators. These Generators are aimed at solving specific food processing problems where broad-spectrum microbial control is required.
  • It’s so easy to migrate to the ECA hygiene solution! Our installation process has been designed to create minimal intrusion and fuss in your facility. ECA Hygiene Management Devices are installed on-site and solutions are stored in buffer tanks that are available on demand.

You’ll be glad to know responsible foodborne disease prevention and compliance for your customers has never been easier, than now – with ECA. And it’s all-natural and eco-friendly!

This is how it works:

When the body comes under attack from invading bacteria and viruses, the immune system immediately responds. The body sends increased numbers of a specific white blood cell called a Neutrophil straight to the invasion site.

Once activated, these cells produce large amounts of a mixed oxidant solution that is effective in eliminating invading microbes and pathogens. The main oxidant produced by the white blood cells Hypochlorous acid or (HOCl) is amongst the most potent natural disinfectants. It is non-toxic to humans, and is highly effective as an antimicrobial agent with rapid action. HOCl is generated under specific electro-chemical conditions using a combination of water, salt (NaCl) and electricity.

By using our specialized hygiene generators Radical Waters are able to produce HOCl of the highest quality and efficacy, liter after liter. HOCI is extremely effective at eliminating all pathogens and food spoilage microbes including spores.

Providing safe, clean and germ free environments for customers is our joint responsibility, we’re here to help you in this undertaking. ECA treatment makes the process safe and prevents contamination. Contact us today!