Solving hygiene problems in the food and beverage industry with ECA Technology

Companies from around the globe are using Radical Waters’ ECA Technology Solutions in solving hygiene problems in the food and beverage industry.

A big issue in the food and beverage industry is solving hygiene problems including keeping all dairies, abattoirs, breweries and food processing plants as clean and hygienic as possible. Without the correct sanitization, a rapid build-up of micro-organisms will occur which can result in severe contamination of the foodstuff when reusing equipment.

solving hygiene problems

This results in foodstuff spoiling rapidly and even possibly a threat to the consumer. Sanitizing is
therefore best carried out just prior to use because a variety of micro-organisms may remain on food
processing equipment after it has been washed, even though it may appear to be clean. Organisms
can accumulate on equipment or in the product and bacteria may even develop while they remain

Surfaces that are difficult to dry or are generally moist have a high chance of supporting bacterial
growth and even municipal water that is used to wash and rinse can occasionally become
contaminated. There is also a possible opportunity for insects and rodents to come into contact with
idle equipment, so why leave anything to chance?

This is where Radical Waters’ patented Electrochemically Activated (ECA) Water comes in.

Whereas most sanitizers in the industry, such as iodophors, QATS, chlorine, peroxide and phenols may have a proven track record of sterilizing equipment, none are as effective and safe to use in a multipurpose environment as Anolyte – a completely green, non-allergic alternative which is safe if consumed as well.

ECA Anolyte is proven to be more effective than its counterparts particularly in the poultry and dairy
industries as studies have shown. Anolyte is used to sanitize foodstuff and does not need to be rinsed off, helping to save water in the process as well as extending the shelf life of the desired product.

ECA Catholyte is a natural detergent that is used prior to sanitizing and both Anolyte and Catholyte
make up the ECA product. When considering the risks involved of using generic sanitizers that can
alter taste, stain equipment and even be of potential harm to the product and the consumer, it
makes sense to use the cleaner, safer alternative for solving hygiene problems. Go green and save time, water and prevent micro-organisms from contaminating equipment and spoiling foodstuff with ECA.

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