Hospitality Sanitization With Radical Waters ECA: A Green & Cost-Effective Solution

Mankind has become accustomed to resolving many hygiene issues with the use of chemicals. The unprecedented and widespread use of these chemical compounds results in enormous environmental issues and causes biocidal and antimicrobial tolerance and resistance. As a result, industries are now being held accountable for their carbon and water ‘footprint’ left on the environment.

hospitality sanitization

This rings true particularly for hospitality sanitization where consumables such as water and food stuffs are in high demand and where proper hygiene and sanitization is a crucial requirement. With pressure on from governments, the push in this industry to become as sustainable as possible is now more prevalent than ever.

Business as Usual

Hospitality sanitization workers need to prepare rooms for guests, ensure spas and other facilities are kept clean, and most importantly, guarantee the hygiene of their kitchen and the foodstuff that is to be served. Typically, this is managed by using traditional, harmful chemicals, but there are alternative means to clean and disinfect that can be found in ECA technology that will not interrupt typical hygiene protocols and facility practices. ECA creates a safer hospitality environment.

Radical Waters ‘green, eco’ solution is called Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA Water). ECA’s process produces two distinct products known as Anolyte, a disinfectant and Catholyte, a detergent.  These products are made from natural ingredients (salt+water) and produced by electrochemical activation in a Radical Waters Hygiene Generator on your site.

A New Approach to Disinfection

When using ECA, the consumption of harmful and undesirable chemical reagents can often be significantly reduced or obviated altogether. The implications for the environment are enormous. It’s possible to achieve up to 90% chemical cost reduction by replacing conventional chemicals with the natural ECA solutions. Broad adoption of the products results in the substantial reduction of toxic effluent. Some of the best benefits of using ECA are not only that it is cost competitive with other solutions, but it is a 100% natural and efficient cleaning agent making it the smart, environmentally friendly choice for the hospitality industry.

Our Non-Toxic Anolyte can replace most applications involving disinfection and sterilization and has the added benefit of being safe when in contact with food.   Furthermore, once applied, Anolyte requires no additional rinsing off such as in the case of cutting boards, utensils and other food surfaces. What’s fantastic about ECA products is that they can be used for multiple surfaces, eliminating the need for various surface specific chemicals.

The two ECA solutions are compatible so rinsing between and after applications is no longer needed thus reducing water consumption and saving time. Anolyte is also beneficial to the user as they will no longer be exposed to harmful chemicals This is the same for the user’s equipment. Things like dish cloths and cleaning equipment have longer lifespan and saves on storage space for chemicals – facilities can tap off ECA as needed.

ECA Anolyte is also incredibly effective at sanitizing actual foodstuffs and keeping it fresher for longer, Anolyte can be applied as a spray or mist to fridges to extend fresh produces shelf life, again as a product Anolyte is completely safe to ingest.