“Real-time” processed meats

In the current consumer climate of heightened quality awareness, compliance with the fundamentals of good manufacturing practice is a base-line requirement to assure optimal product quality and maximum shelf life of processed meats products. Radical Waters, the leading provider of EGA technology in Sub├é┬ĚSaharan Africa, has become a valuable strategic partner to the meat processing industry in offering real-time application solutions that assist in meeting these consumer requirements .

Particularly difficult challenges are encountered where meat products are derived from high volume, continuous production facilities, as these environments place an increased burden on standard hygiene and sanitation practices. These challenges are further compounded by restrictions imposed on the type and frequency’ of the disinfectant regimen (approved by both internal systems and sanctioned by statutory accreditation) versus its suitability for integration into the production process.


Unlike most conventional chemical remedies, EGA technology has repeatedly been shown, by independent assessment, to directly deliver a potent, yet wholly safe, real-time antimicrobial intervention for the effective control of pathogenic and food spoiling microbial contaminants. Directly deliver a potent, yet wholly safe, real-time antimicrobial intervention for the effective control of pathogenic and food spoiling microbial contaminants.” Studies on the ability of EGA to control Listeria monocytogenes on ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and poultry products have confirmed that the spray application of ActSol onto the surface of artificially contaminated frankfurters, was effective in consistently reducing the microbial count of the challenge innoculum by a minimum of 99% Food-borne outbreaks of Listeriosis have also been traced to recontamination of the products du ring peeling, slicing, repackaging or equivalent procedures. Studies have confirmed that the residual micro biocidal activity of ActSol will also control general microbial bioload throughout the system. ActSol significantly reduces general microbial bioload and limits the cross-contamination of further products.


Throughout the value chain in the meat processing industry, continuous and integrated exposure of both the meat products, as well as the general processing environment to ECA water, will result in a sustained reduction of both pathogenic and spoilage microbes, as well as heightened control of associated biofilms, which serve as a source of refuge and re-contamination by these microbes. Despite these substantial advantages any sanitation program must include strict employee hygiene and adequate cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Compliance and committed adherence to sound manufacturing practices and the holistic adoption of an integrated HAGGP plan for the processing facility, remains mandatory. The unique and innovative attributes of ActSol and ECA technology continues to contribute substantially to the never-ending quest for safe, wholesome and value-assured food products.