Radical Waters – the natural solution

Is Radical Waters the best natural solution? Product returns due to spoilage is a common problem for the milling industry worldwide, causing loss of revenue, increased costs, wastage of resources and reputational damage. This problem is exacerbated in times when poor quality input grain is supplied to millers, for example, in poor harvest times. The result is often a milled product that does not meet microbiological specifications and is more susceptible to spoilage. This poor quality product is then supplied 1’0 downstream processors, producers and end users, with consequences ranging from spoilage and the resulting negative brand awareness to putting consumer health at risk. The predominantly dry milling process prevents the rehabilitation of these grains by normal means, such as chemical treatment of the water supply.

Radical Waters now has a safe, effective and fast natural solution to these problems in their novel disinfectant solution, Actsol. It has been shown to be the most effective food compliant disinfectant. In addition, Actsol has recently become the first “non-chemical” solution of this nature to achieve the SABS 1853, 1827 and 1828 certifications for disinfection, cleaning and water treatment in tbe food industry. These accreditations are a world first for this technology. Years of research and development, followed by numerous successes in the milling field, have proven the benefits associated with using Actsol. Low volumes of Actsol can be added to the water used during grain conditioning, prior to milling, primarily to sanitise the water. Further benefits include a substantial and lasting reduction in levels of microbial contamination of the grains. The direct effect is the prevention of widespread distribution of contaminants during the milling process and also the reduction of the risk of microbial product spoilage. At the same time health concerns, including the presence of pathogens and the build up of microbial by-products such as afiatoxins, are reduced, resulting in increased brand and product security.


Further benefits include the reduction of CIP times, as the product does not begin to spoil when it is not processed immediately, while the disinfectant properties of Actsol assist in the prevention of bio-film build-up and bio-fouling of transfer lines and mill equipment. Actsol is free-rinsing, sage and can be used effectively at ambient temperature. With this single product, a very effective hygiene and bio-film management can be created and maintained. The improved quality and consistency of the product) resulting from the above mentioned treatment, has significant downstream benefits for further processors, producers and end users. An improvement in bake quality and a shelf life extension has also been demonstrated in baked goods. Actsol is thus ideally suited for millers as a hygiene management too l, which will also ensure milled product quality and safety.


Bakers benefit from enhanced baking effects and improved shelf life of the baked products, due to the improved ingredient integrity.