Radical Waters: changing the face of the SA food industry

Today’s discerning consumers are acutely interested in products that offer health benefits in the food industry, and those that carry the tags “organic” and “preservative free”. Simple sounding but technically challenging, they have manufacturers reaching for alternative agents such as food-grade acids, natural preservatives, processing innovation and packaging modifications. There is another option, too: electrochemically-activated water (ECA).

Radical Waters, the leading ECA provider in sub-Saharan Africa, has developed a patented technology that enables producers to meet these rigorous health-conscious demands through its integrated use in the processing environment. Most micro-organisms require the presence of water to proliferate, and therefore water quality is always a spoilage and safety risk factor in most food and beverage factories. This is where Radical Waters can play a vital role: its ECA solution Actsol is an SABS-accredited natural and food grade decontamination solution that, unlike conventional chemical remedies, is non-toxic and independently assessed as safe for humans and animals. It delivers a potent antimicrobial intervention which offers effective control of pathogenic and food-spoiling microbial contaminants during real-time application throughout a production period.

food industryActsol, as a recognized ingredient, can be added with the regular water during processing to help eliminate spoilage organisms, while reducing or replacing the need for chemical preservatives and thereby achieving an enhanced shelf life of a more wholesome final product.

One satisfied customer, Pedja Turanjanin, Group Procurement & QA Director at Famous Brands, vouches for its efficacy: “ECA has been used extensively and has become an integral part of our production, so much so that should the Radical Waters’ system go off line , we would shut down our production facility until the system is brought back up.”

Comments Alastair Stride, MD, Radical Waters: “Although this is a relatively new product in the South African market, we have seen extensive and positive results in various sectors of the food market includingsauces, milling, fishing to name but a few. We have seen great results with the installations we are currently managing and believe that ECA can, and will, have a huge impact in the South African food industry.”