Radical Waters appoints distributor ActivTek for Spain and Portugal

19 April 2011
Radical Waters International (UK) LLP has signed a distribution agreement with ActivTek Environmental, a company with an air and surface purification business in Spain and offices in 19 countries worldwide.
In terms of the agreement, which is immediately effective, ActivTek has exclusive distribution rights for Radical Waters’ cutting edge Electrical Chemical Activation (ECA) technology in Spain, as well as distribution rights in Portugal.

Dr Christophe Suchy

Dr Christophe Suchy, founder of ActivTek Europe and CEO of ActivTek Environmental (pictured left) travels the world looking for new business opportunities.  When he encountered Radical Waters’ technology, he immediately identified an opportunity to promote what he describes as “this amazing product” through his network in Spain and Portugal. Discussions are currently underway to extend rights to other countries where his group operates.
Radical Waters fills a gap in my product range by providing a state-of-the-art ecological surface purification and disinfection system.  Having tested the market for interest in Radical Waters ECA, he says “Companies are very keen on testing this new ECA technology as it fits into their plans of becoming more sustainable and offers them a very fast return on investment”
Dr Suchy has already begun promoting Radical Waters ECA technology to his customers and distributors worldwide and says, “I believe Radical Waters and ActivTek are perfectly complementary companies with products that will push forward the safety limits of the food processing industry, providing consumers with better and safer products.”
Dr Suchy sees great opportunities for the application of ECA technology in Spain and Portugal which have an enormous number of water bottling plants, carbonated soft drinks plants and breweries, as well as dozens of liquor bottling plants. “The food processing industry in Spain and Portugal has a dire need for ECA technology in its quest for cost savings and to become greener and reduce dependence on chemicals,” he says.
Commenting on the agreement, Radical Waters Chairman Dion Friedland says, “Christophe and I have spent time together and I am tremendously impressed with his drive and determination to incorporate ECA technology into the growth plans of his fast expanding business. He understands the importance of excellent customer support and service, which will be an integral part of his growth strategy in markets where he plans to market Radical Waters ECA technology.”
“The synergy and excitement of the Radical Waters and ActivTek relationship is already working, based on the initial customer interest expressed in several meetings already held in Spain” says Radical Waters Commercial Head John Rivers-Moore. “The potential in Spain and Portugal, as well as in the other territories where ActivTek has a strong presence, especially Turkey and Brazil, is already being developed, indicating to us that  ActivTek’s strong leadership and customer service is likely to lead to fast sales delivery,” he concludes.
ECA has become a topic of great interest for leading beverage and food companies as the “new alternative technology” and Radical Waters’ environmentally friendly”green” solutions offer an effective substitute for chemical cleaning-in-place (CIP). Plants using Radical Waters’ ECA technology repeatedly report substantial cost savings due to increased production time and reduced energy, chemical and water usage.
Radical Waters is in discussion with qualified distributors for its ECA technology in other markets.
Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd has spent 12 years focused on developing and commercializing its patented green ECA technology.  The company has installed operating devices on six continents and in 21 countries primarily for blue chip companies. Radical Waters’ products are used in a wide range of markets formerly dependent on chemicals for controlling contamination and bacterial infection. The company has a focus on markets that include beverage production, meat & seafood, sauce manufacture, milling & starch and hospitality.  Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd produces devices in its factory in Johannesburg, South Africa. Radical Waters International (UK) LLP in London is responsible for international distributor relationships.
ActivTek Environmental is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with manufacturing facilities in Bristol, Virginia. Established on a history of proven pioneering success in the air purification industry, today ActivTek is part of a corporate family with more than 85 years experience in engineering, developing, testing, and bringing to market products designed to create healthier indoor environments.
ActivTek focuses on delivering environmental conditioning products to the heating and air conditioning industry, new residential construction market, hospitals and medical facilities and the food service industry, as well as general commercial markets. For each of these segments, ActivTek continues to develop products, knowledge, training and innovative ways to meet the increasing demand for improving and maintaining healthier living spaces and indoor environments.