MED TEST Case Study: El Nile Soft Drinks (Crush) – November 2012 – MED TEST

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Case Study Company Overview: Crush, a private Egyptian shareholding company founded in 1990, produces different types of soft drinks for the local market, Hi-Spot lemon, Crush orange and Sport cola, with a total production of 332,470 hl/year. The company was motivated to join MED TEST to identify opportunities for increasing resource efficiency and productivity, reduce pollution loads so as to comply with environmental legislation and minimize investment/ operational costs of the planned wastewater treatment plant. At project start, Crush was already certified ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 22000 and the Corporate EMS “Coca Cola” standard was already implemented.

CIP using ECA technology: Electro-Chemically Activated (ECA) water is a highly effective chemical substitute and a green alternative for cleaning and disinfection applicable to the beverage industries. This technology will enable savings of 88 MWh/year (3%) in electricity, 60% of CIP rinse water and 90% of chemicals used in the CIP. Accordingly, a reduction in TDS by about 634  tons/year (78%) has also been achieved. The new CIP reduces the duration of cleaning time to 1/3, thus increasing the site’s productivity. Water conservation and product recovery: The project identified several measures for optimizing water and product recovery: installation of water flow meters and monitoring plan; reuse of water discharged from washers I and II to save 54% of water consumption (this option has not been implemented because the company will reuse treated wastewater); installation of turbidity/refractive index transmitters to save 3,224 hl/year of product losses and red