ECA assists (Crush) El-Nile Soft Drinks Egypt

To put it into context, Crush, a private Egyptian shareholding company founded in 1990, produces different types of soft drinks for the local market, Hi-Spot lemon, Crush orange and Sport cola, with a total production of 332,470 hl/year.

The company was motivated to join MED TEST to identify opportunities for increasing resource efficiency and productivity, reduce pollution loads so as to comply with environmental legislation and minimize investment/ operational costs of the planned waste water treatment plant.

According to a case study published by UNIDO

“CIP (Cleaning in Place) using ECA technology is a highly effective chemical substitute and a green alternative for cleaning and disinfection applicable to the beverage industries”


This technology will enable savings of 88 MWh/year (3%) in electricity, 60% of CIP rinse water and 90% of chemicals used in the CIP.

Accordingly, a reduction in TDS by about 634  tons/year (78%) has also been achieved. The new CIP reduces the duration of cleaning time to 1/3, thus increasing the site’s productivity.


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ECA is a thriving technology that focuses on providing alternatives to chemical disinfection.