N.O.W Impact – Single Stream Anolyte Generators

N.O.W. Single Stream ECA GeneratorOur Single Stream Anolyte Generators are available in both high salt or low salt technology. High salt devices can be used where corrosion is not a concern, these devices are our most competitive option. Low salt devices should be used when corrosion is a concern or when our customers does not want to have high residual chlorides in the final solutions.

The N.O.W Impact range of devices are floor standing generators and are suitable where high production rates of anolyte are required such as water treatment both potable or waste, legionella control in cooling towers and water-well rehabilitation.


These generators are characterized by the following:

  • State of the art reactor cell technology, with an operational life of up to 5 years or 15.000 hours improving the generator performance dramatically
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • On demand solutions
  • Highly effective eco-friendly ECA solutions
  • Anolyte 500ppm FAC @ pH 6,5
  • Extremely low waste generation, less than 0,5% of device capacity
  • Easy ECA with a generator that is factory set to customer needs and specification
  • Simplified installation and operation
  • High quality components, European standards
  • Easy to use interface, ensuring that the solutions are always within their specified parameters and are producing consistent quality Anolyte and Catholyte.
  • Can be equipped with remote monitoring for peace of mind. (GSM or Ethernet)

Our N.O.W Impact range of single stream generators are available in sizes as from 400 liters per hour up to 6000 liters per hour in either low salt or high salt configurations.