N.O.W Compact Range: Dual Stream ECA Generators

The N.O.W Compact range of Dual Stream ECA Generators were developed by Radical Waters based on the market need for smaller devices, yet with some solution characteristics as our previous LCS range of devices. The N.O.W Compact Dual Stream ECA Generators are produced in our factory located in Johannesburg, South Africa. These devices are specifically aimed at smaller beverage facilities as well as hospitality markets and are characterized by the following:

  • Completely integrated design – generator, supply tanks and solution storage tanks on a single frame
  • Fully automated – user only need to add consumables when requested by the device (salt and hydrochloric acid)
  • Arduino Controlled
  • LCD Display
  • No installation required, generator is essentially plug and play
  • Only requires soft water a 220 VAC electrical supply and consumables
  • Highly effective eco-friendly ECA solutions
  • Anolyte 350ppmFAC @ pH 6,5
  • Catholyte 400ppmNaOH @ pH >11,4
  • Easy ECA with a generator that is factory set to customer needs and specification
  • Low Salt / Chloride technology that protects our customer’s equipment.
  • 28 – 34 ppm of Chlorides in final solutions plusChlorides of dilution water
  • Special devices are available with an onboard transfer system to transfer solutions to larger onsite anolyte and catholyte storage tanks should that be required.

The N.O.W Impact range is available in 3 configurations, Compact-30.10-LS; Compact-40.20-LS and the Compact-50.30-LS.