Going Green


ECA Technology is a Green Solution. Regrettably, man has become accustomed to resolving many of his problems through the use of chemicals. The extensive and indiscriminate use of these chemical products is now backfiring and has resulted in enormous environmental problems. The persistence of these chemical compounds are directly responsible for the incremental pollution of the environment, and have been shown to cause biocidal and antimicrobial tolerance and resistance within bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Of equal importance, is the conscious limitation of "human footprint", particularly with regards to the overall reduction of water consumption.


Electro-chemically Activated Water ( ECA Technology ) as a 100% natural and highly effective chemical substitute, represents a substantially viable and alternative remedy for cleaning and disinfection in the food and beverage industries

Through the use of ECA Technology for cleaning and disinfection, plant managers are able to save a substantial amount of water and energy.