Radical Waters is the global leader in Electrochemically Activated Water (ECA) technology.


Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd has spent 15 years focused on developing and commercializing its patented green ECA technology.


The company has installed operating ECA devices on 6 continents and in 23 countries primarily for blue chip companies. Our products are used in a wide range of markets formerly dependent on chemicals for controlling contamination and bacterial infection. The company has a focus on markets that includes beverage production, meat and seafood, sauce manufacture, milling and starch and hospitality.


Coke-A-Cola Visits Radical Waters

Coca-Cola Visits Radical Waters


Under the chairmanship of Dion Friedland, the Group has recently restructured to meet growing demand and provide improved service to its worldwide customer base of blue chip international companies.

The holding company, Radical Waters International, Ltd, now owns three subsidiary companies: Radical Waters International (UK) LLP, headquartered in London, which administers global distribution relationships in all countries outside of the Rand Monetary Area; Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd which produces the hygiene management generators (devices) in South Africa and provides marketing, sales and technical support to distributors.

Radical Waters Intellectual Property (Pty) Ltd maintains and is expanding its considerable patent portfolio. Twenty-three patents have been granted covering meat processing, animal husbandry, agricultural yield enhancement, dentistry, medicine, borehole rehabilitation and microbial resistance management. Significant patents are pending in the general beverage field and dental market, as well as unique applications in the starch and grain industries. National patent filings have been made in all major markets worldwide.


Lead and managed by its Executive Committee:

  • Miss Zahida Dhansay – Vice President, Finance and Production
  • Miss Nikki Frieslaar – Vice President, Operations and Marketing
  • Mr. Philip Nel – Vice President, Technical and R&D
  • Mr. Derik Du Plessis – Vice President, Sector Sales (The Americas) and Engineering Design
  • Mr. Anton Louw – Vice President, Sector Sales (Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Middle East)

    The South African-based Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd sales team, in addition to covering the Rand Monetary Area, continues to service global enquiries and handle sales in countries where distributors have not been appointed, and enquiries from sectors in countries where distributors do not have exclusivity for all market sectors.


    The Group actively seeks and adds distributors as part of its international growth strategy. To this end, agreements have recently been signed with distributors in South America, Spain and Portugal. Other agreements are in the process of being finalized, and will be announced as they are concluded.


    The outlook for the Radical Waters Group is extremely positive, with numerous applications for the use of ECA technology thanks to the fact that it is safe for use on food and in all food environments; non-toxic; safe for the treatment of water used in food and beverage plants; free-rinsing (no post-application rinsing is required); produced on site on demand; and is residue and taint free. Radical Waters' ECA technology is also a real time application solution and a quality management tool that continuously monitors optimal dosage levels for compliance with approved safety and efficacy specifications.


    About Anolyte and Catholyte


    The Anolyte solution and Catholyte solution are the two distinct by products of the Electro Chemical Activation ( ECA Technology) process. Basically the Anolyte solution is a disinfectant and the Catholyte is a detergent. These two solutions are used extensively by the Radical Waters clients in several different applications ranging from disinfection to cleaning in both an economical and an environmentally friendly manner.



    Cleaning In Place (CIP)


    CIP is frequently regarded as a grudge activity that interrupts the continuity of the production process. However it remains the cornerstone of high intensity large volume beverage packaging and without diligent application of the fundamental principles of CIP, product quality will suffer through flavour and colour inconsistency. More importantly without CIP microbial contamination with large scale spoilage of packaged products can occur.



    Going Green ECA Technology is a Green Solution.


    Regrettably, man has become accustomed to resolving many of his problems through the use of chemicals. The extensive and indiscriminate use of these chemical products is now backfiring and has resulted in enormous environmental problems. The persistence of these chemical compounds are directly responsible for the incremental pollution of the environment, and have been shown to cause biocidal and antimicrobial tolerance and resistance within bacteria, viruses and fungi.